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Cedar Springs Farm & Dairy LLC

A small family owned farm that values sustainability, nurturing the land, preserving the old ways & growing our own food

Farm Store

Balms & Powders


Dandelion Salve: this 1oz push up tube is a wild harvested dandelion infusion salve with an essential oil blend that suits chapped/dry or cracked skin well with the added benefits of the soothing wild dandelions growing around the farm.


Lavender powder is a custom talc free powder blend complete with my homegrown lavender mixed in. Essential and fragrance oil free in a 2oz tin with a powder puff.


Moringa Balm is infused with organic Moringa and my homegrown rosemary. It contains both Bergamot and Frankincense essential oil and comes in a 1oz push up tube.


Dog Paw Balm is in a 1oz push up tube - apply to paws and noses as needed. 





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